Phangan, Thailand

Everything you need to know about Phangan
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Everything You Need To Know About Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan is the fifth largest island in Thailand, located in the southeast region that is primarily known for its blood moon parties. While these moon parties may be the reason that first attracted the crowds, Koh Phangan offers so much more than them! Koh Phangan is still unspoiled and is much quieter than Koh Samui. It is famous for its white sand beaches, 20 dive sites and more than 20 temples; all packed beautifully in this island. To know more about the things to see and do in this island, scroll down!

Best time of the year to visit Koh Phangan

Just like most of the islands in Thailand, Koh Phangan sees its peak tourist season during the months of December to March. While the temperature is warm all year round, it is during these months that it is not humid and there is a little coolness in the air. It is the best time to enjoy all the water activities, be it adventure sports, snorkelling, kayaking and everything else. This period also marks the busiest months, which means it will be crowded everywhere. This is the biggest drawback for those seeking a quiet and peaceful vacation.
That is why, there is no best time that suits everyone. People who want cool weather without the hustle should come after mid-November. This is the time when the rain almost stops and the weather is warm and cool without the crowds. However, most people come to Koh Phangan because of the moon party and choose the travel time according to that. If you are with family, you should skip the dates that are related to these parties these as the island will be full of people who like to go wild!

Top 10 tourist attractions in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan may be a small and relaxed island when compared to Koh Samui, but there is no limit to the number of places you can visit while you are here. To make your vacation worthwhile, here are the best 10 tourist attractions on the island!

  • Mae Haat Beach
  • Paradise Waterfalls
  • Paradise Waterfalls
  • Than Prawet Waterfall
  • Challenge Phangan Park
  • Khao Ra Mountain
  • Turtle Island
  • Island’s Tallest Tree
  • Phaeng Waterfall
  • Kuan Yin Chinese Temple

Top 6 things to do in Koh Phangan

If you are tired of seeing all the beautiful tourist places, you can start ticking off these from your bucket list. All of them are relaxing and guarantee a great time!

  • Try all kinds of seafood in Thong Sala Night Market
  • Enjoy the sunset from Amsterdam bar (considered the best sunset in Koh Phangan)
  • Join a Thai cooking class
  • Take a boat trip
  • Rent a bike and explore the island yourself
  • Dive in sail rock

Top 5 places to shop from Koh Phangan

Thailand is known for its budget shopping and everyone who comes to this country has long shopping lists. However, Koh Phangan is not the place where you can shop ‘til you drop. It may be the fifth largest island in Thailand, but it is not known for its shopping complexes. However, it is still in Thailand and there is no island here without some street markets. Here are 5 markets in Koh Phangan than you can visit to buy some cheap souvenirs and handcrafts –

  • Chaloklum and Haad Mae Haad Shopping
  • Haad Rin Shopping
  • Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yoi Shopping
  • Thong Sala Shopping
  • Haad Yao and Haad Salad Shopping

10 best places to experience Koh Phangan’s nightlife

Koh Phangan was put on the map because of its moon parties that happen several times every month. So, you can see why it must have a nightlife that is one of its kind. To have the time of your life, we have listed our top 10 parties and clubs that will ensure that you never forget the nights spent on this island.

  • Full Moon Party (twice a month)
  • Half Moon Party (twice a month)
  • Black Moon Party (once a month)
  • Merkaba Beach Club
  • The Jam Bar
  • Fubar
  • Infinity Beach Club
  • Sandcastle Club
  • Pirates Club
  • Ku Club

5 hidden gems in Koh Phangan

No one wants to end their trip without seeing the places only the locals know about. Here are some hidden places in Koh Phangan that are still undiscovered by the majority of tourists –

  • Herbal Sauna Baan Tai
  • Chaloklum beach
  • Bottle beach
  • Trek in the jungles surrounding the bottle beach
  • Haad Yuan Bay

Things to remember while you are in Koh Phangan

There are no special dos and don’ts one needs to follow while in they are in Koh Phangan. You just have to keep in mind the basic rules one should follow while they are anywhere in Thailand. Here are the most important things to remember while you are vacationing in Koh Phangan so that you do not offend anyone –

  • Do not badmouth the royal family of Thailand.
  • Do not keep your feet up on a chair or table.
  • Respect all the monks in Thailand. Make it a point that you do not touch them.
  • This goes for everyone – while visiting temples and palaces, wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees.
  • Remove your shoes wherever indicated.

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