Peaceful Village

Package – 04 Nights in Thailand

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Peaceful Village Package – 04 Nights in Thailand

Ching Mai (2 Nights) Ching Rai (2 nights)
Stay The Small Chiang Mai (Plus Petit) The Mantrini Chiang Rai (Superior Room)
Flight Options 6E 173 DEL CCU 21:55 00:10

6E 93 CCU BKK 03:05 07:20


6E 94 BKK CCU 17:40 18:40

6E 224 CCU DEL 21:45 00:20

Flight Options TG 332 DEL BKK 03:30 09:00
TG 116 BKK CNX 17:10 18:30
TG 2133 CEI BKK 13:35 14:55
TG 315 BKK DEL 20:00 23:00
Transfer Options Chiang Mai airport transfer by privatevehicle.
Chiang Rai return transfer by privatevehicle.
Cost Per Person Rs50,000


Day 1. Arrive in Ching Mai

We recommend : Ching Mai is a cultural and religious hub. Visiting the White Buddha temple and Ching Mai City can be great ways to begin your vacation in this peaceful Thai village.

Day 2. Leisure Day

We recommend :  Enjoy a tranquil day exploring the famous White Marble temple and Hmong (Meo). You can also look at cultural customs like Big Earring (Akha) and the Karen Long Necks (Paduang), which are followed by all the villages in the area.

Day 3. Travel to Ching Rai in your luxury vehicle

We recommend : Take a leisurely walk around the area to look at the old dynasty temples.

Day 4. Leisure Day

We recommend : Visit Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park, Wat Pa Yia (Bamboo Forest Monastery), Wat Phra Singh, and Wat HuayPla Kang for a day packed with historical knowledge.

Day 5. Check out

We recommend : Plan your check-out in a manner that leaves you with enough time to explore the villages a bit more.