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Planned budget with flexible location and dates:

Pick locations and dates that suit your loved ones taste to give them a vacation they’ll always cherish!

Planned budget and locations with flexible dates:

Pick any of our prepared packages with flexible dates so that all you have to do is surprise loved ones with dates that suit them!

Fully planned:

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Elite Traveller

At Thailand Wale, we understand that no two travellers are alike. While some people love the idea of a shoe-string budget, others like to live it up in the lap of luxury. This is why we offer our Elite Traveller packages. These packages are designed to meet all your standards, so that you can relax and enjoy a vacation exactly the way you pictured it. From travelling in your own private jets to staying only at the best hotels a city can offer, we can arrange it all for you. Furthermore, we can also arrange specific experiences like dining at Michelin star restaurants, enjoying amazing entertainment options and travelling within the city in luxury vehicles.
If you want your vacation to be a fantastic one, reach out to our holiday planners. By speaking to you about your needs, we ensure that everything you expect and receive is up to the mark! We work with high-end vendors who are highly rated, in order to make this possible. With years of experience in managing and creating great holidays, we are the right people to help you enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Destination Weddings

As a parent, you know that your child deserves the best. When your little one is all set to get married, why not give them a wedding worth a thousand lifetimes? At Thailand Wale, we help you plan out destination weddings that will live on in your memory for years to come. From handling venue arrangements, caterers, décor, hotels, and flights, to making sure that everything runs smoothly once you arrive in Thailand, we do it all.
A destination wedding is one of the best ways to celebrate such an important union. It gives the couple a chance to see a brand new place, while the families also bond during their travels. If you are considering having a destination wedding, get in touch with any of our expert holiday and wedding planners! While you are at it, do have a look at all the packages we offer!


Want to travel to Thailand but not sure about what you should do when you get there? Don’t worry – this is a very common dilemma. Many people love to travel but do not necessarily plan out their itinerary in the best possible way. Each country has so much to offer – food, culture and great sightseeing spots. Picking ones that add the most value to your stay can be challenging. You need someone who understands the local culture, as well as your tastes, so that you can work with the best possible recommendations.
At Thailand wale, we offer great recommendations for all sorts of travellers. We ensure that no matter what you are looking for, you end up having a great time. Reach out to our amazing travel planners for great suggestions and enjoy the trip of a lifetime!